Change market view
Change market view

Consumer market segmentation

Tech Engaged
Tech engaged consumers use technology in many aspects of their lives and are usually early adopters of new technology. They fall into one of three sub-segments – Connected Champions, Engaged Aspirers or Engaged Complacents – depending on the importance of technology to their status and lifestyle.

Tech Plays a Role
Tech plays a role consumers use technology in some parts of their lives although they may sometimes need help and direction in how to use it. They often wait for technology to become cheaper before buying it. They can be split into two sub-segments – Value Maximisers or Unconfident Dabblers – based on their confidence in using technology.
Tech Disengaged
Tech disengaged consumers often don’t see the value in adopting new technology and are happy sticking with more traditional communication methods. Depending on how receptive they are to technology-enabled opportunities, they can be divided into three sub-segments: Apathetics, Followers or Traditionalists.