Change market view
Change market view

Business market segmentation

Corporate firms are IT dependent businesses with 250+ employees. They invest heavily in IT and connectivity, demanding high bandwidth circuits to underpin their business operations. This segment is made up of three sector driven sub-segments; Digital Economy Firms, Utilities, Infrastructure & Manufacturing companies and Retail & Leisure businesses. Find out more.
Medium Enterprise
Medium Enterprise firms have between 50 and 249 employees. They’ve large communications budgets and are highly dependent on their connectivity services. This segment is made up of two sub-segments; Advanced and Pioneer – based on how they use and invest in IT. Find out more.
Small Business
Small businesses have between five and 49 employees, including a varied mix of firms. Most are dependent on people skills and see IT as a cost. This segment is made up of three sub-segments; Voice Centric, Connectors and Advancing – based on their level of IT dependency and number of sites. Find out more.
SoHos are very small firms spanning from business owners operating on their own to those with up to four employees. The skills the owner and their people possess are their assets, with IT and connectivity seen by most as a necessary but increasingly important cost. This segment is made up of three sub-segments; Micro business, Sole Trader and Home-based professional – based on the nature of their business and where they work. Find out more.