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Suggestions, comments and recommendations?

If you’re a communications provider or developer and have a comment or suggestion related to the content on here, please use the feedback link found beneath each item on this site.


General enquiry or complaint?

If you’re a communications provider please contact your Openreach sales or service manager. If not, please visit to reach the right team.


Developer / home builder?

If you’re a developer wanting to register your site for the first time please visit:

If you’re a developer wanting to get in touch regarding escalating an existing issue please visit: 

Altering our Network?

If you have a problem with one of our poles, cables or cabinets or a general complaint about the way we do business, please visit: to log your issue.


Need help with your phone or broadband line? 

If you’re a member of the public (at home or at work), please contact your service provider to raise an issue, not Openreach, as we won't be to help you without their authority. Contacting your service provider (the people who you pay your bill to) is the fastest way to get a resolution to your problem. Your service provider can then raise the issue with us on your behalf using the systems and contacts that we provide them with.

Need fibre or copper connectivity at a business premise?

If you’re representing a business and want to get new fibre or copper connectivity installed at your premise, or advice about this, you need to contact a communications provider (the people who you would pay your bill to).  Communications providers are our customers, once you have ordered through them, they’ll contact us to supply your communications services and they’ll ask us to arrange installation. (Think of us as the wholesaler). 


Data Centre Owner?

If you're a data centre owner wanting to get in touch regarding network connectivity to your data centre please contact [email protected]

Why can’t I contact Openreach directly for phone or broadband problems?

All of your details are held by your service provider. They provide your phone/broadband service and manage your account. We simply don’t have the information needed to help you.

Don’t worry though. If your service provider believes the fault is on the Openreach network they’ll contact us and arrange an appointment on your behalf.

If you're not sure who your service provider is, check your telephone or broadband bill. It's possible you may have different providers for each service – phone, broadband and/or TV – so make sure you contact the right one.

Are you in a superfast area?

Use our post code and phone number checker ( to find out if you’re in a superfast area. Once fibre is available, the next step is to contact your chosen service provider to order your fibre broadband.


Reporting damage?

We want to know immediately if you think that any part of our network (outside the boundary of your property) has the potential to be a danger to the general public, if you notice that it has been damaged, or to report unsafe Openreach worksites. We'd like you to call us on the Damage Reporting Number, 0800 023 2023 (Option 1).